Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The urgency of intersectionality

I think it's important to value social justice because who wouldn't want everyone to experience the opportunities that would fulfill people's goals and dreams no one should be discriminated against because of who they are such as race and gender. What are some prevalent issues today is that woman aren't equal as men are.The ted talk "The urgency of intersectionality"  is what I'm concern about to me personally because i am a woman and i do believe us woman should be able to work and get paid as much as a man would. Sexual orientation has to be out to an end everyone should feel comfortable feel accepted. They should be able to feel comfortable with themselves yes people will judge everyone does its honestly part of life and everybody has their differences and beliefs.




The Ted Talk i had chosen was " A queer vision of Love and marriage, " Tiq Milan and his wife Kim Katrin  Milan explained there transgender rights and racial justice. Tip and his wife Kim had shared their stories of life and how their transgender experiences have informed their views on masculinity. This Ted Talk was very powerful to me and others because I am bisexual and living in this world there's nothing but bias. This ted talk is very inspiring to me because i know and have family and friends that are gay, transgender, cis transgender, and bisexual that are having a hard time in life being who they truly are. This ted talk had also informed that they both loved each other no matter what they wanted to be if it was either being gay or being a transgender they had feel in love with each other and live a happy life not caring about the negative world. In this world, its hard to find someone who will love you for who you are our world is stuck on being afraid to be themselves because of those who judge. Yes, judging is part of life everybody has their opinions everybody judges they just don't realize it but there are kids even adults they are still afraid to be who they truly are and that's what Mr. and Mrs. Milan are trying to help gay, trans youth, and how its affected by social systems . 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

what makes you happy ?


What makes you happy ?

What makes me happy is when my family is all together it makes me happy knowing were all together brings nothing but happiness to each other it makes me happy waking up to my family and spending time. I'm happy that I'm alive and that I picked myself up through all the let downs and struggles. There are so many things in my life that I'm happy about the most littlest things makes me happy. what is happiness? Happiness is reminiscing with family and friends. Happiness is when you are around positive people in your life accept that there will be times when your not happy it all comes when you feel proud.
Happiness is important because happy people are usually healthier people happiness helps you achieve things in life it helps you being positive through everything and to others. The key to being happy is to surround yourself with positive people and remain humble always take acre of yourself and importantly empower yourself.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


ted talk i was interested in

Alexis Chargualaf
period 3
December 2 , 2016

Every kid needs a champion 

I think the connections to a teacher and a child is so important because Rite Pierson is righ on her decisions no kid will learn anything from a teacher they dislike . I understand and agree with Rita because for so long i had a teacher i hated all she ever did when she would teach would always half fast everything class would ask for help she would get frusterted with us and tells us to figure out . The connection with that teacher was very bad nobody liked her nobody like the fact she was even a teacher she 

my life as a reader

Alexis Chargualaf
period 5
november 30 , 2016

My life as a reader 

Well I don't really spend my time reading unless i am asked to not much of a fan of books .  The favorite books i had read in elementary were theJuniee B jones books i never really read any other boooks but those books it was my favorite till day they still are but im interested in books that is based on a true story . I remember in elementary one of my favorite kid books was the ¨ no David ¨ by David Shannon . As a child i never had my parents read me a book or a bedtime story i learned on my own . My parents were too busy had to work two jobs to support us all would always see kids that had parents who had made time for their child  and read them a book or comfort them before they go to bed and wonder why my parents had never done that for me but as i get older even till this day i now realize why my life was tough growing up . My life as a reader i would only read books if its interesting to me and half the time im given a book to read that is not interesting to  me and end up failing it because i get bored and end up not wanting to do it .  A memorable book i remember reading was the twilights books its one of my favorite back in middle school I read and had watched the books and the movies . I am recently reading the books by Dave Pelzer the book "The called It . "  I had finished that book a couple weeks ago and now on the third one Dave Pelzer wrote . Its based on his life what he went trough as a child and growing up as an adult . The books i read is so cruel and overall so sad . I Finished the the books of Dave pelezer and now reading a romance book called "The longest ride , " By Nicholas Sparks . Its so far its good and willing to finish this books in the next couple of weeks .